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Tactical Shepherd

Gun Shop

1573 Theodore Road

Rising Sun, MD 21911



Wed: 1pm - 5pm

Thur: 3pm - 7pm

Fri: 3pm - 7pm

Sat: 1pm - 7pm



Tactical Shepherd is in partnership with

1A Fingerprinting


3pm - 7pm


- Walk In Only- 

Located in the Tactical Shepherd Gun Shop

**Please PRINT and Complete LIVESCAN Form Prior to Arrival**

This will greatly expedite the process.


Tactical Shepherd is Veteran and Christian owned and operated company designed to provide affordable, comprehensive firearms training.


Our Services

Tactical Shepherd instructional courses focus on the firearm training needs of our community.  From a citizen that wants their required Maryland HQL for a handgun license to those looking for advanced firearm training to a company, church or group looking for Active Shooter Response Training....Tactical Shepherd is your one stop shop.

There is no doubt we are living uncertain times.  Crime rates around our Country are climbing.  Every night on the news are more stories of murders, burglaries, home invasion, rioting, assaults, kidnapping, etc...   Every citizen has to realize that the first line of defense for your family is YOU.  That is scary, but that is the hard truth. 

The reality is, when seconds count the police are minutes away.


The most commonly asked question:

"Do I qualify for a Maryland Wear and Carry (aka Concealed Carry) Permit?"


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